1 Preamble

This document uses literate programming to define the litr R package. This means that all source code for litr is contained and presented in this document alongside explanation. The litr R package gets created as an output when one runs a piece of code that takes this document as input. To modify the litr package, one should modify the code in this document (and the explanation, as needed) and then regenerate the package. But what piece of code do we use to create an R package from this document?

Well… it turns out that this is precisely what the litr package is for. But how can we use litr to create litr? We actually use version \(n-1\) of litr to create version \(n\). When an R markdown file is rendered with litr, an R package is created in addition to the usual html/pdf/etc document. To learn more about using litr, please visit the litr website. This document is not intended for people who wish to use litr. Rather, it is intended for people who want to know how it works and (possibly) modify it.

This document used litr version 0.9.0 to define the current version of litr. In particular, it was generated by running the following command in an R console from the working directory containing index.Rmd:

fs::dir_copy("_book", "../docs/create", overwrite = TRUE)

The second and third lines move the generated bookdown to the docs/ directory so that it will render nicely on github by visiting https://jacobbien.github.io/litr-project/create/.