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Given a Metric object or list of Metric objects, this function evaluates an Output object according to these metrics. The computed values of the metrics are saved to file. The "user" time to run the method (as measured by system.time) is added to metrics by default unless one of the passed metrics has name "time".


evaluate(object, metrics)



object of class OutputRef as produced by run_method (or list of such objects). If object is a Simulation, then function is applied to the referenced outputs in that simulation and returns the same Simulation object but with references added to the new evals created.


a list of Metric objects or a single Metric object.


This function creates objects of class Evals and saves each to file (at dir/model_name/<out_loc>/r<index>_<method_name>_evals.Rdata. Since evaluating metrics is usually (in statistical methodological papers) fast, parallel functionality has not been developed for the evaluation component.


if (FALSE) {
 # suppose previously we had run the following:
 sim <- new_simulation(name = "normal-example",
                       label = "Normal Mean Estimation",
                       dir = tempdir()) %>%
   generate_model(make_my_example_model, n = 20) %>%
   simulate_from_model(nsim = 50, index = 1:3) %>%
 # then we could add
 sim <- evaluate(sim, my_example_loss)